A carpet is one of the things that are more prone to becoming wet every now and then. This is because whenever we have a drink, some of it may spill on the carpet. You may also be caught unawares when your sink or bathtub overflows without your knowledge and you find your carpet all wet. The problem comes in when you have no idea when to clean the wet carpet. Do you put it out to dry or do you clean it at once to make it all clean. What most individual do not know however is that it is very easy to clean a wet carpet. 

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How to Clean a Wet Carpet 

  • Use Towels

    One thing to do when doing carpet deep cleaning for your wet carpet is to use towels and heavy clothes to suck all the water. These are laid on the wet parts of the carpet and pressed until they are all soaked, after which you replace them with other towels. You should ensure that you repeat this process until all the water in the soaked region is absorbed. After making sure that the top part has no water left, check the inner part of the carpet and absorb the water in that area as well. Wipe the floor if there is any water on the floor. 

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner also plays an important role in cleaning the wet carpet. When deciding to settle for this option, you should make sure that the vacuum cleaner could be used to clean wet carpets. This is because there are those that cannot be used on wet carpets as they may cause harm to the one using them. Once you ensure that, you have a vacuum cleaner that can clean wet carpets, you can then vacuum the wet regions of your carpet. You should also check the below parts of your carpet as these parts may not be protected by the vacuum cleaner.

  • Using a Drier

    This option requires a lot of patience, as it will take a lot of time for the water to evaporate. To do this, youshould use either a hair drier or a fan to make the water on the carpet to evaporate. You should ensure that the fan or the hair drier is in close contact with the wet regions of the carpet to make this option effective. To know that this option is working, you will see the water slowly begin to evaporate from the carpet. As with the other two options, you should make sure that you dry the water that could be beneath the carpet as well as on the floor.

  • Using Baking Soda

    Baking soda has all the chemicals that are needed to ensure that all the moisture and water that may be in a wet carpet is absorbed. Baking soda will work after just thirty minutes of applying it on the wet carpet. Once you leave the baking soda on the carpet for half an hour, you can then slowly use a vacuum cleaner to absorb all the baking soda and to your surprise, your carpet will be very dry.

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Seek Professional Help

If your carpet is too large or if the water is too much that it cannot be cleaned using the above options, then you may need t consider seeking the help of a professional. We are professionals carpet cleaning company who will provide you same day Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane, our work is wet carpet cleaning services. We will ensure that molds do not grow in any region of your carpet through thorough cleaning and drying process. 


A wet carpet is a hazardous item in the house as it may grow moulds in no time or even leave your house smelling foul. You can however avoid this by following simple routines to clean your wet carpet. If you are unable to clean the carpet on your own, you can seek the help of a professional who will thoroughly clean your carpet.

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Fabric Eating Pests: Carpet Beetle General Information and Eradication

Carpet Beetles are yet another pest that can live among us in our own homes. Like Dust Mites these little bugs can cause some allergy issues for certain individuals. They also eat away at your home’s fibers including your carpet, area rugs, clothes and upholstery.

Fortunately, carpet beetles are most common in hot, dry places and present huge problems for residence carpet beetles are not a common problem. Although from time to time they find their prime living locations in our homes here. So let’s visit this topic of demise a little bit for our health benefit and environmental safety.


Carpet Beetle General Information

Carpet beetles are not like microscopic dust mites that often live in our mattresses. They are large enough to be able to see and usually are about 1.7 to 3.5 mm. So they are rather small but not unnoticeable.

Their prime living locations are dark, dry places with tons of old fabrics. They tend to lay eyes in air ducts, under unmoved furniture, base boards or dark closets. They like to feast on organic or natural fibers. They don’t like synthetic fibers and carpet backing so these kinds of conditions is usually not a huge carpet beetles infestation problem because they don’t have a lot to feed on naturally. But these pests are adjusting and have been found in synthetic environments these days too.

You will most likely notice these pests if they become a problem. Some facts about carpet beetles are they usually don’t have a noticeable health effect on humans but if there are a large number of them, like dust mites, their fecal matter may be an allergy to you. Carpet Beetles also don’t feed on dead skin cells or dead matter. Carpet Beetles really should be called Fabric Beetles because this is what they feed on. Carpet Beetles feed fabric types ranging from wool clothes to hand woven tapestries, to your very own carpets! Their most common appearances are usually spotted on carpets, thus they are called the carpet beetle.

Help Me Remove the Carpet Beetles!

So there are some things you can do to help eliminate your carpet beetle pests from being an everyday worry for your already unsanitary living environment. This is an accumulation of tips and advice that you can pick and choose from. If you really have a huge infestation it is advised professional help to help you, by carpet care and carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals or pest control professionals. But here are some things to help you PREVENT any future problems for not only carpet beetles, but other living bug, insect or bacterial build up.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help Remove Carpet Beetles!

YES WE CAN! So here is the good news about Sparkling Cleaning Services and our profession. We have the kind of equipment and power to kill and remove almost all living organisms. This includes carpet beetles, dust mites, bacteria, spores and fungus such as mildew and mold, and more! Our truck-mounted hot water extraction unit used for Steam Cleaning uses heat that gets up to 415°F. When it reaches your carpeting or cleaning area, the temperature is about 400°. This alone will kill the living little critters and other lives of spores and eggs. We then have the amount of power to EXTRACT those things from your carpet, leaving your carpets clean and sanitary. Note that we will be a help to anything that our heat and cleaning equipment was able to come in contact with!

It’s important to understand that we can’t eliminate the whole problem or guarantees our efforts in this topic because of the fact that these carpet beetles or dust mites are living in places we are not able to clean. But we should make a huge dent in your problem. If you don’t throw out the old infested clothes in your drawer for example! We are sure you can understand and respect that we’ll do a number on removing these critters but it’s up to you to do the efforts of follow through this project may require of you!

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Which you Usually Avoid

Vacuum cleaner can easily suck your dirt and stains which you usually ignore. Thus whether it’s your carpets or upholstery items, it is important to implement safe and reliable techniques for the refurbishment of your flooring. It is quite obvious that carpet cleaning is impossible with a washing machine. Thus it is important to use certain products if want to remove stains without affecting the fabric.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Why carpet stain removal process is necessary?

Whether it is dirt marks or dust, these are the problems which you can resolve by vacuuming. But when it comes to stains, then professional techniques need to be applied. Because ignoring these kinds of symptoms can give rise to bad odor or pests. 

  • Stinking carpets need proper treatments such as Hot Water Extraction techniques or steam cleaning treatments. 
  • Therefore professional believe that neglecting such conditions can damage your overall areas. It can damage your carpet fabric as well as interior design. Therefore for maintaining cleanness or resolving issues like health hazard carpet cleaning services are necessary.
  • Stained carpet can attract germs and bacteria. Thus instant cleaning can save its life. There are various problems which can be dangerous for your health such as skin diseases, respiratory, as well as immune system problems. For special cleaning treatments, you can contact professionals.

Carpet cleaning mistakes which you usually avoid

There are some mistakes which you usually avoid:

  • Avoid cleaning Carpet Regularly:

The heavy-weight carpets are not easy to clean, but still vacuuming regularly can give you lifetime benefits. Refurbishing carpets with vacuuming is quite effective to remove the weird smell. Therefore for removing stains, you can use baking soda along with vacuum. Through this, you can easily eliminate the bad odor.

  • Spills on your carpets:

There are certain conditions when your spills become permanent. Usually when there is a party in your house or guests are there, then instant cleaning services are impossible. Hence it is a carpet cleaning mistake which can make your fabric dull. 

Therefore to remove the spills settled into deep fibers can easily be removed by Carpet Cleaning Sydney. Scrubbing the carpet and removing stains you can remove liquid spills.

  • Removing Stains:

Scrubbing the stains with certified products or using carpet dry cleaning treatments can help you to remove all kind of spills. Thus for maintaining the cleanness, you can use soft cloth and sanitizers to stay away from discoloration of your carpet.

  • Usage of Wrong Products:

It is important to understand that all types of carpets are not effective. Usage of a wrong product can damage your entire carpet. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

How we can help you?

Sparkling Cleaning Services professionals are there to help you by providing 24/7 services. We are there to provide you all type of services such as carpet steam cleaning or stain removal treatments at Sydney. 

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DIY Vs Professional: Which Is Better For Carpet Cleaning?


Despite the fact that vacuum cleaning can evacuate all of the dry soil, it is additionally important to clean your carpet consistently to expel the slick, sticky soil that develops in the heap because of scents and dirt that is followed in from outside.

The decision of the correct vacuum is significant too. There are a few vacuums that will abandon buildups, which will advance re-dirtying and essentially invalidate the general purpose of household cleaning.

Expert Carpet Cleaners

It is to your greatest advantage to utilize professional carpet cleaning Brisbane essentially on the grounds that their experience will empower them to complete a vastly improved activity than you can do yourself. The hardware they use has more extraction control than the units accessible to you, and the carpet will dry quicker also. They know the cleaning specialists to utilize, and they realize the distinctions in carpet development and strands.

Doing It Yourself

If you have settled on the choice to lease a carpet steam cleaners for effective carpet cleaning and carry out the responsibility yourself, you should keep an eye on a few frameworks before you make a choice. The greater part of the units accessible for lease don’t perfect all around OK and may wind up harming your carpet.

In this way, you should consistently think about the accompanying:

  • Several rental organizations offer cleaning gear that is like what the experts use. The hardware should have enough vacuum capacity to enable the carpet to dry inside 12 hours of cleaning. You should consistently maintain a strategic distance from rental units found in retail and markets that don’t have the ability to extricate the cleaning solution from the carpet quick sufficient, as it can actually damage the carpet because of over wetting.
  • Make sure you maintain a strategic distance from over wetting the rug. Any drawn out moistness can prompt mold development and microbes in the rug, or cause a partition of the sponsorship.
  • Carpets that have stain safe medicines must be cleaned with items that are planned for this very reason, or the stain opposition will be disabled and the guarantee will be voided. Never use cleaning or spotting solutions that contain blanches as they can wreckage up the shade of the rug.
  • Never utilize any silicone put together medications with respect to the carpet.
  • You can lessen the drying time by using a few fans to move the air around the carpet. You can utilize a dehumidifier also, as it will pull dampness from the air.

Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction framework is exceedingly suggested, as it viewed as probably the best strategy for carpet cleaning. Otherwise called steam cleaning, the procedure comprises of splashing a blend of water and cleanser into the heap and recuperating the water and soil with an incredible vacuum that places it into a holding tank. You can use a truck mounted unit or a compact independent unit too. This strategy is effectively truly outstanding, and is perfect for dirtied covers or pet stains that you presently can’t seem to escape the filaments.

Five tips for Everlasting Carpets

Want to increase the life of the carpet and want to clean them effectively?  Then below mentioned are some of the tips that help you to increase the life of the carpets.  These tips are suggested by the experts and are also followed in the carpet cleaning. After the carpet cleaning, it becomes more important to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets to avoid the damage and being dirty of the carpets.  To know about some of the everlasting tips refer the below-given information in detail. 

Tips that  you can opt to  increase the life of the carpets

Some of  the simple tips  that you can follow are as follows:

  • Use  the Doormats at Every Door

The first thing you can do is to use the doormats at every door so that whenever you enter the home and in your rooms can clean your shoes before moving to the carpets. Also, sometimes the feet get wet in the bathroom so it is important to use the doormat in the bathrooms so that carpets can be maintained neat and clean.  

  • Remove the  Shoes Before Entering the Home

The experts suggest removing the shoes completely from the homes before entering the homes.  According to experts the shoes contain most of the allergens and other dust particles in them. So it is important to remove them before they make the carpet dirty and make the environment unhygienic. 

  • Make sure to use the Carpet Runner

The best thing is to use the carpet runner that enables the maintenance of the cleanliness of the carpet.  Most of the area in the carpets are prone to high infestation of the pest and other allergens. Like the corners of the carpets are more prone to dirt and even wear and tear. The carpet runner enables the cleaning of the carpet helps in the better Carpet Cleaning Wollongong.

  • Close the Windows

The exposure of the carpet to the outer environment make the carpet more prone to dirt and other allergens.  For the best cleaning of the carpets, it is important to close the doors and windows. As the allergens flew in the air and cause dirty, make sure to close the windows for the better look of the carpets. 

  • Vacuum  the Carpets Regularly

It is the most basic step and thing which is followed to dry the carpets and helps in the better cleaning of the carpets.  The vacuum cleaning is the most basic step of the carpet dry cleaning that helps to remove the allergens and dust particles completely from the carpets.

How Professional Services can Assist you?

The carpets are so expensive to replace when they become dirty. So it is better to maintain the carets and increase the life of the carpets.  For the long lasting life of the carpets, you need to contact Sparkling Cleaning Services which offer you with the Cheap Carpet Cleaning Sydney. The expert knows how to deal with the dirty carpets in the best way for the enhanced appearance.

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How Good a Job Can I Expect From a Professional?

Most of the people do not have enough time to find for their carpet cleaning because of their busy work schedule. At that time, what they can do is they can depend on professional carpet cleaners for cleaning their carpets. The services which they provide include carpet odour removal, carpet stain cleaning, carpet dust cleaning, and so on. You can find them always ready to serve you even in your absence so that you do not need to miss your business meetings or other outside chores. This article is all about the good job delivered by professional carpet cleaners. Thus, go through the below content carefully for better understanding.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

  • Most importantly, the professional carpet cleaners help you in saving your lot of time and money. They provide timely services at affordable prices so that you can use your valuable time in your other important matters.
  • They are equipped with expertise and skills to remove different factors like mites, fungus, mold, dust, etc from your carpet. This can improve your and your family member’s health conditions.
  • Your carpets can also smell due to some reasons. The Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney service providers can reduce them all together with the right mix of advanced cleaning technology and solutions.
  • Above all, they can extend the life of your carpet through their routine cleaning and maintenance. After all, your carpet is one of the huge investments to improve the appearance of your house.

How Professionals Clean the Carpet?

  • The professionals often use advanced equipment to make their job perfect. They can handle various carpet situations such as tough stains, water damage, sensitive care of fabrics, vomit odour removal, and more.
  • They also have the tools with them which you cannot able to rent at your local hardware store. They make the use of UV lights for spotting pet stains and also use expensive equipment to perform hot water extraction or can say steam cleaning.
  • When you will hire them, they will recommend you to have carpet washing every 12 to 18 months in order to prolong the life of your carpet. 

Local Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Why We are Best For You?

By taking the carpet-related concerns of the people into account, we provide a variety of carpet washing services such as Carpet Cleaning Glenmore Park, carpet wet cleaning, steam cleaning, etc at suitable costs so that our clients can afford it. We are operating in the industry of carpet maintenance for so long. That is why we offer the most effective and exceptional services to our clients as compared to other carpet repair companies. Our main aim is to provide on-time and result-oriented services to our clients. Our carpet washing services have assisted many of our customers to improve the flooring conditions of their house. Our team of cleaners is highly experienced hence we can make you get what you pay for. Over the years, we have won the trust of various needful people with respect to carpet washing and maintenance.

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Clean Tiles and Grout Together to get Better Results

Tiles and grout are correlated the same is with their cleaning. If you clean any one of them the work done will not be effective. Dirt is known for moving from its place to clean place. Thus, you need to clean the tiles and grout together for better and long lasting results. The Tile and Grout Cleaning Service from a professional team will be a better choice as they provide a comprehensive service. 

How they are Correlated and their Cleaning?

Tiles are joined by the grout, problems like loose grout sealing will also disturb the condition of the tiles. The accumulation of the dirt firstly starts into the grout and over a period of time spread to the tiles. The greased and oily dirt and stain also originate from the grout. When you will only clean the tile then the dirt from grout will get spread on the tile and the same applies to the vice-versa. When the tiles are cleaned, grouts are mostly ignored and that lead to ineffective cleaning of the tiles as they are correlated.

Tile and Grout Stain Removal

Keeping away the Stains

You must be surprised when you find a stain on the tile surface even though you have cleaned your tile regularly. It happens because we ignore cleaning the grout properly. The small dust gets accumulated in the grout and forms an oily and greasy stain. They are observed on the tile surface when the tiles get water on the surface. Besides this, there are various sources which can be the reason for stains on the carpet. Clean them instantly when it happens or get ready to call the professional for Tile and Grout Stain Removal service. 

Hiring the Professionals 

For the best cleaning results of tile and grout cleaning, professional cleaners are recommended. They are highly efficient and aware of the hidden dirt. When they put their experience and skills together at the service there is no dirt or stain which can remain on the tile surface and in the grout. You can only realise the worth of the professional service when you get it. 

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Hire from Our Company

Sparkling Cleaning Services will come to you and apply the top-most steps for your Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide service. With the experience of many years in the industry,  we are sure to offer you the best service for tile and grout cleaning. Our main objective is to provide no mess and hassle-free service to the customers. Our expert’s team work hard to meet the exact expectations of the customers. If you want to have your tile and grout perfectly clean, get the service from the best tile and grout cleaners available with us. We pride ourselves in providing the best services for the removal of stain or restoring the shine of tiles. 

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