Fabric Eating Pests: Carpet Beetle General Information and Eradication

Carpet Beetles are yet another pest that can live among us in our own homes. Like Dust Mites these little bugs can cause some allergy issues for certain individuals. They also eat away at your home’s fibers including your carpet, area rugs, clothes and upholstery.

Fortunately, carpet beetles are most common in hot, dry places and present huge problems for residence carpet beetles are not a common problem. Although from time to time they find their prime living locations in our homes here. So let’s visit this topic of demise a little bit for our health benefit and environmental safety.


Carpet Beetle General Information

Carpet beetles are not like microscopic dust mites that often live in our mattresses. They are large enough to be able to see and usually are about 1.7 to 3.5 mm. So they are rather small but not unnoticeable.

Their prime living locations are dark, dry places with tons of old fabrics. They tend to lay eyes in air ducts, under unmoved furniture, base boards or dark closets. They like to feast on organic or natural fibers. They don’t like synthetic fibers and carpet backing so these kinds of conditions is usually not a huge carpet beetles infestation problem because they don’t have a lot to feed on naturally. But these pests are adjusting and have been found in synthetic environments these days too.

You will most likely notice these pests if they become a problem. Some facts about carpet beetles are they usually don’t have a noticeable health effect on humans but if there are a large number of them, like dust mites, their fecal matter may be an allergy to you. Carpet Beetles also don’t feed on dead skin cells or dead matter. Carpet Beetles really should be called Fabric Beetles because this is what they feed on. Carpet Beetles feed fabric types ranging from wool clothes to hand woven tapestries, to your very own carpets! Their most common appearances are usually spotted on carpets, thus they are called the carpet beetle.

Help Me Remove the Carpet Beetles!

So there are some things you can do to help eliminate your carpet beetle pests from being an everyday worry for your already unsanitary living environment. This is an accumulation of tips and advice that you can pick and choose from. If you really have a huge infestation it is advised professional help to help you, by carpet care and carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals or pest control professionals. But here are some things to help you PREVENT any future problems for not only carpet beetles, but other living bug, insect or bacterial build up.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help Remove Carpet Beetles!

YES WE CAN! So here is the good news about Sparkling Cleaning Services and our profession. We have the kind of equipment and power to kill and remove almost all living organisms. This includes carpet beetles, dust mites, bacteria, spores and fungus such as mildew and mold, and more! Our truck-mounted hot water extraction unit used for Steam Cleaning uses heat that gets up to 415°F. When it reaches your carpeting or cleaning area, the temperature is about 400°. This alone will kill the living little critters and other lives of spores and eggs. We then have the amount of power to EXTRACT those things from your carpet, leaving your carpets clean and sanitary. Note that we will be a help to anything that our heat and cleaning equipment was able to come in contact with!

It’s important to understand that we can’t eliminate the whole problem or guarantees our efforts in this topic because of the fact that these carpet beetles or dust mites are living in places we are not able to clean. But we should make a huge dent in your problem. If you don’t throw out the old infested clothes in your drawer for example! We are sure you can understand and respect that we’ll do a number on removing these critters but it’s up to you to do the efforts of follow through this project may require of you!

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