A carpet is one of the things that are more prone to becoming wet every now and then. This is because whenever we have a drink, some of it may spill on the carpet. You may also be caught unawares when your sink or bathtub overflows without your knowledge and you find your carpet all wet. The problem comes in when you have no idea when to clean the wet carpet. Do you put it out to dry or do you clean it at once to make it all clean. What most individual do not know however is that it is very easy to clean a wet carpet. 

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How to Clean a Wet Carpet 

  • Use Towels

    One thing to do when doing carpet deep cleaning for your wet carpet is to use towels and heavy clothes to suck all the water. These are laid on the wet parts of the carpet and pressed until they are all soaked, after which you replace them with other towels. You should ensure that you repeat this process until all the water in the soaked region is absorbed. After making sure that the top part has no water left, check the inner part of the carpet and absorb the water in that area as well. Wipe the floor if there is any water on the floor.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner also plays an important role in cleaning the wet carpet. When deciding to settle for this option, you should make sure that the vacuum cleaner could be used to clean wet carpets. This is because there are those that cannot be used on wet carpets as they may cause harm to the one using them. Once you ensure that, you have a vacuum cleaner that can clean wet carpets, you can then vacuum the wet regions of your carpet. You should also check the below parts of your carpet as these parts may not be protected by the vacuum cleaner.

  • Using a Drier

    This option requires a lot of patience, as it will take a lot of time for the water to evaporate. To do this, youshould use either a hair drier or a fan to make the water on the carpet to evaporate. You should ensure that the fan or the hair drier is in close contact with the wet regions of the carpet to make this option effective. To know that this option is working, you will see the water slowly begin to evaporate from the carpet. As with the other two options, you should make sure that you dry the water that could be beneath the carpet as well as on the floor.

  • Using Baking Soda

    Baking soda has all the chemicals that are needed to ensure that all the moisture and water that may be in a wet carpet is absorbed. Baking soda will work after just thirty minutes of applying it on the wet carpet. Once you leave the baking soda on the carpet for half an hour, you can then slowly use a vacuum cleaner to absorb all the baking soda and to your surprise, your carpet will be very dry.

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Seek Professional Help

If your carpet is too large or if the water is too much that it cannot be cleaned using the above options, then you may need t consider seeking the help of a professional. We are professionals carpet cleaning company who will provide you same day Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane, our work is wet carpet cleaning services. We will ensure that molds do not grow in any region of your carpet through thorough cleaning and drying process. 


A wet carpet is a hazardous item in the house as it may grow moulds in no time or even leave your house smelling foul. You can however avoid this by following simple routines to clean your wet carpet. If you are unable to clean the carpet on your own, you can seek the help of a professional who will thoroughly clean your carpet.

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