How You Could Take Proper Care Of Shaggy Carpets?

People usually think that shag rugs bring feel of comfort, luxury, as well as coziness to your house. It is quite easy for you to observe that why people have been placing them in their house. The shaggy carpets usually demand a different approach for cleaning as well as caring to be in comfortable, cozy as well as the luxurious state. Hence, carpet with deep piles could attract dirt as well as debris in their deep crevices. This might require a few cleaning techniques for keeping your carpets clean. You might be confused to take proper care of your carpets but experts would help you greatly. The experts in carpet cleaning could help you in knowing about the tips to take proper care of carpets. Therefore, if you are thinking to install shaggy carpets inside your house then you need to be careful and wise enough.

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Tips To Take Proper Care of Carpets

Shaking it Out

This method of cleaning the carpets was majorly used by people before the invention of cleaning the machine. You need to take the rug out of your house and hold it from two corners and then shake it vigorously for releasing dust and dirt from deep fibers. There might be carpets that are too large for you for shaking and holding. When it is about large carpets, you need to hang them over a deck railing, clothesline, and fence. Then the experts of Carpet Cleaning St Kilda suggest whacking carpet with bat or broomstick.


Vacuuming a shag carpet usually requires a different technique than you use for vacuuming a normal carpet. However, the long pile fibers would easily get caught in the beater bar of a vacuum cleaner and your carpet would get damaged. You need to adjust the height of your vacuum high and turn off the beater bar. Alternatively, you could also use an upholstery attachment and hose to vacuum cleaner. Hence, for achieving an effort to reach extra gunk and removing it, you need to turn the carpet over and turn on the beater bar. This will help to loosen all the deeply embedded dirt in your carpet.

Spot Clean

Spot cleaning is known to be the best method that could keep spills as well as spots to get hard and settle in your carpet permanently. In case, if the accident involves liquid you need to grab a paper towel or clean white cloth and press it firmly for soaking up water as much as possible. The experts of carpet stain removal suggest applying everything spot cleaner requires for a specific stain and allow it some time for working. Then, you need to gently blot with the help of a clean rag that is working from outside direction to inside direction. You need to make sure that you have been blotting the carpet fibers deeply.

Professional Cleaning

Your shaggy carpet would have a build-up of gunk along with time in the deep fibers and that would not be good. Hence, you need to get your carpet cleaned from the professional at least two times a year. Moreover, like your wall-to-wall carpeting shaggy carpets requires the use of ideal cleaning equipment.

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